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DIY Herb Garden

DIY Herb Garden

Here is a really neat DIY Herb Garden that you can build yourself with a bunch of supplies you can pick up at pretty much any hardware store. We just happen to pick home depot.

Here are all the supplies you will need to take this project on:
1 box Composite Deck Screws II – brown (comes with a drill bit)
(7) 8 foot cedar boards
Miter Saw
1/2 inch Drill Bit
sandpaper & hand sander
potting soil
liquid fertilizer

1. Cut your 8 foot cedar boards into the following lengths:
(10) 27 inch long boards ~ back & bottom of troughs
(5) 30 inch long boards ~ front of troughs
(10) 4 3/4 inch long boards ~ sides of troughs
(2) 5 foot 6 inch long boards ~ sides of herb garden

2. Make yourself a box with the longer boards handing over each side.
3. Once all your troughs (I made 5) are finished start drilling holes for drainage which you can use a 1/2 inch drill bit
4. Now start sanding your troughs with some sand paper to get things smooth
5. The best way to figure out how you are going to work is to lean 2 5 foot and 6 inch boards against the side of your house to see how high you want to build your troughs so you can start attaching them.
6. Measure and space out your troughs.
7. Now start screwing in each trough which is easier to do with everything sitting on its side.
8. If you really want to you can stain just the outside of your herb garden.
9. Enjoy!

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