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How To Grow Amazing Potted Plants and Herbs

How To Grow Amazing Potted Plants and Herbs

Turning a diaper and blue water into an amazing planting tool is something that sounds like a complete joke. This amazing DIY project teaches you how to take blue water and a diaper which can help you nurture your herb gardens and potted plants as well as their watering needs. Sounds interesting doesn’t it? Well let me break this down for you before you start this project for yourself!

Basically what happens is the diaper does what its meant to do which is absorbing a whole lot of liquid. So what you do is just pour some water into the unused diaper and let it do what it does best absorb it all. Secondly, the blue water comes in which is just basic food coloring. Once you have completed these steps just rip open the diaper, take out the hydro-gel inside which more than capable of absorbing huge amounts of water and you can add even more water until it can absorb no more. And that’s it you now got yourself no-toxic, planet-friendly and bio-degradable hydro-gel that you can mix with pretty much any potting soil. What’s great about this is the hydro-gel releases the water slowly over time which is what plants and herbs need. Here is a video which provides you with more details enjoy!

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