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How to Grow A Potato Vine Plant

How to Grow A Potato Vine Plant

If you thought that sweet potatoes were just for eating you are wrong. They also make a beautiful vining house plant. They are an extremely decorative piece of decor that is a beautiful addition to any landscape and they are super cheap to grow.

How to make:
1. Grab a sweet potato that has several eyes.
2. Put in four or more toothpicks or shortened skewers into the center of the potato. Hang the potato in a wide-mouth glass jar resting the toothpicks on the glass rim to hold up the potato. Pour water in the jar until it covers some of the eyes on the bottom of the potato.
3. Put the jar in an area with filtered light and watch the roots grow and the eyes sprout.
4. When the plant has grown a good root system and has grown at least three leaves on each sprout, move it to a pot and cover the roots and the potato with soil.
5. Clip the ends of the vines when they reach eight to 10 inches long to encourage a bushier plant. Fertilize the plant on a regular basis and enjoy the beautiful results.

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