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DIY Lemon Tree from Seeds Indoors

DIY Lemon Tree from Seeds Indoors

I know a lot of people that want to grow a lemon tree at home. And most people think its not possible. Well here is a list of steps to grow that DIY Lemon Tree from Seeds Indoors in the comfort of your own home.

1. Simple save or gather the seeds from a lemon, which it is best to use organic lemons.
2. Wet the seeds down in water for around 2 to 3 hours and then dry them out on a paper towel.
3. Carefully peel the shell of the seeds and then place these seeds into water so they are ready to use.
4. Put your potting soil in a flower pot that you plan on using or even in a cup then plant those seeds.
5. Also add some water to wet down the soil.
6. Cover the soil with some pebbles and go ahead and place the plant pot in the location that you like and make sure it has plenty of sun light.
7. Take note that you will see the plants start sprouting only after a short period of time which all depends on that amount of sunlight and moisture.
8. Make sure you water the plant at least once a day to make sure the soil stays moist and put the plant in sunlight once in a while.

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