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DIY Desktop Organizer

DIY Desktop Organizer

Is your desk becoming a mess at home or at your office at work? Here is a great way to start to organize your desk to ensure everything is neat and tidy at all times. This DIY Desktop Organizer is really simple to make and it is actually quite stylish as well. Check out the following materials required and instructions.

Materials required:
– Glue
– Ribbon
– Scissors
– Coffee beans
– Some Empty Containers (tin cans, baby formula canisters and toilet paper rolls)
– CD (base of the organizer)
– sisal rope or yarn with colors of your choices

1. Start by wrapping around the outside of your containers with yarn and make sure you secure with glue.
2. Tie around one side of CD base with yarn and once again make sure you secure with glue.
3. Put your containers on the CD base and ensure you secure with glue.
4. Take out your coffee beans and ribbons and have at it with decorations all over your organizer.
And that’s it!

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