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DIY Bow Headband

DIY Bow Headband

Here is another great DIY project to provide you with some more gear for the cold. This adorable DIY Bow Headband is exactly what you need to keep your ears warm in style and it is made from a pair of tights would you believe.

Materials required:
Pair of thicker tights
Needle and thread

1. Slice the thick tights in the center of each leg so that you have in your hands 2 equal size pieces that you can fit around your head (Just hold the tights around your head like a headband to measure) and a third piece around 10cm wide.
2. Begin with one of the more lengthy pieces flat against the table. Bend the one side into the center. Bend the other side into the center as well and make sure you join the 2 at the center.
3. Push and slide one side into the other and fold the outside edge in for a neat looking hem. Stitch with your hand or a sewing machine into place. Try to do it in a straight line. You will not be able to see the stitching when it’s done so don’t worry about it.
4. Repeat the same steps with the other piece of material which is the size of your head so that you have two headbands. Place the one handband on top the other one making sure the seams are together in the center.
5. Push the top headband and top layer of the bottom of the headband to create a bow like figure (Where it gets its name from). Take the smaller pieces of the tights that you cut up and fold them in both edges to make it look clean and tidy.
6. Place this on your bow that you created and pull both of the edges to the back to create the center of your bow.
7. Sew together at the back and stitch through the bow as well, simply make sure you don’t actually go through the facing up layer so that you sewing is invisible from the piece facing outwards.

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