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10 Fall DIY Leaf Crafts

10 Fall DIY Leaf Crafts

Leafs are starting to change color around the world and they are also starting to fall to the ground which is why you should start crafting leaf related projects. Here are 10 Fall DIY Leaf Crafts that will add those amazing leaf colors to your home.

1. Place Card Holder – Honest To Nod

Credit for Image(s): blog.landofnod.com

2. Leaf Banner – Love Paper Paint

Credit for Image(s): lovepaperpaint.com

3. Wall Art – Dio Home Improvements

Credit for Image(s): diohomeimprovements.com

4. DIY Leaf Stamp – Crafty By Photo

Credit for Image(s): www.craftbyphoto.com

5. Leaf Skeletons – Digu

Credit for Image(s): www.digu.com

6. Glittered Leaves – 6th Street Design School

Credit for Image(s): 6thstreetdesignschool.blogspot.com

7. Clay Leaf Bowls – Urban Comfort

Credit for Image(s): www.curbly.com

8. Leaf Animals – Tomorrow’s Adventures

Credit for Image(s): tomorrows-adventures.com

9. Wall Art – Nerd & Healthnut

Credit for Image(s): nerdandhealthnut.blogspot.com

10. Colorful Leaf Banner – IMDREWSCOTT

Credit for Image(s): www.imdrewscott.com

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